Total hi-perf: Ride for Legends


Watch the #RideforLegend Stories


Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in store for you. Stay tuned as the Vloggers cover some incredible unsung legend stories, all while enjoying their ride.
4 Moto-Vloggers – 4 Unsung Legends – 4 Incredible Stories!


Meet our Moto Vloggers

Lesser the time it takes to commute from home to work, better is the experience of traveling. This thought motivated Oggy (Ogden) to start riding a motorcycle. Over the course of time, he developed passion for bikes which in turn took shape of a series of vlogs and documentation of these rides on YouTube through the channel ‘Oggy F’. This adventure made him feel happier and made him believe Raaste mein jo bhi aaye, Mazza zaroor aayega.

When a rider decides to take up the road to express the passion towards traveling and riding, magic is all you experience! Mohammed Salim Khan is convinced by the thought of capturing and sharing with people his passion for traveling, bike riding, trekking. His aim is to show the beauty the world beholds through his lenses. With the adventurous spirits/streak that drives him to push himself beyond limits to capture real emotions, real people, and real movement! He lives in the spirit of Raaste mein jo bhi aaye, Mazza zaroor aayega.

Through a Youtube channel, Dinesh (Dino) is dedicated towards portraying the common man’s adventure and explorations in the daily life.
He always tries to showcase that, Raaste mein jo bhi aaye, Mazza zaroor aayega. Giving us a breakaway from the mundane routine life and find solace in the spiritual and non-materialistic happiness of life.
On this YouTube channel, you will find reviews on cars, bikes, scooters, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, headphones, helmets, and much more.

Jaysn’s fairly new Youtube channel presents a combination of motion graphics and reviews on motorbikes. His motto has always been Raaste mein jo bhi aaye, Mazza zaroor aayega. This is clearly seen in his YouTube channel as he covers weekend road trips, ride along(s) and superbikes. Jaysn’s has a straight-forward moto “Screw your ‘therapy’ I ride a Hayabusa”.


Total hi-perf motorcycle engine oil range

Icon1 18
Icon2 19
Total Hi-Perf 10W50 and 20W40 Engine Oil
Total Hi-Perf 10W30 and 20W40 Engine Oil
Total Hi-Perf 10W40 and 20W40 Engine Oil


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