Our Commitment to Better Energy

Total is committed to providing energy that is reliable, affordable and clean. We take it as our ambition to become the responsible energy major and constantly offer tangible and innovative solutions to achieve our commitment.

The three key challenges our industry is currently facing are meeting the energy needs of a growing population, contributing to limiting climate change and reinventing the customer relationship.

Our Commitment

Supplying Energy that contributes to Social and Economic Development

In an attempt to meet the growing needs of the ever-increasing population, Total strives to make energy easily available to as many people as possible. It goes without saying that we maintain the highest safety and environmental standards while supporting the social, economic and human development of the population.
Integrating Climate into our Strategy

Integrating Climate into our Strategy

Climate issues are an integral part of our corporate strategic version. By lowering the carbon intensity of our current production mix, developing renewable energies and improving our energy efficiency, we are taking steps towards combating climate change.