Arbofine® Horticulture Mineral Oil

Arbofine Horticulture Mineral Oil

Arbofine ®, a biodegradable Ovicide-Larvicide adjuvant, specially developed for the treatment of red spider mites on fruit trees in spring.

A narrow distillation range, with low viscosity, high paraffin carbon content and USR value makes ARBOFINE®, ideally suited for summer applications* during the following stages:

  • Tight Cluster
  • Petal Fall
  • Fruit Development

* As recommended by local agent.

It has been designed to provide optimal balance of pesticidal effectiveness and low phytotoxicity. It is supplied as an emulsifiable concentrate type formulation for practical use. Arbofine® is used to destroy eggs and larvae throughout the spring.

There is no development of resistance to treatment with Arbofine®, due to its innovative mode of action. Development resistance to pesticides is also limited.


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