Arbofine EXTRA® Horticulture Mineral Oil

Arbofine Extra Horticulture Mineral Oil

Arbofine EXTRA®, a biodegradable Ovicide-Larvicide adjuvant for the treatment of winter pest in fruit trees. A low toxicity product, it will biodegrade into naturally occurring components that pose no threat to crops or the natural environment.

In winter, fruit trees harbour a multitude of dormant insects and mites, which infect the trees when the leaves begin to emerge in spring.

A winter treatment based on Arbofine EXTRA®, destroys the vast majority of dormant insects and mites, and thus reduces the number of treatments required in summer. Arbofine EXTRA®, controls the dormant forms of the pests (mite and asphid eggs, scales, psyllids) on fruit trees such as: cherry, apple, plum and peach.

Arbofine EXTRA® has an Ovicide (egg killing) action by asphyxiation and also an interesting secondary effect on the initial larvae stage of the pests.

The choice of Arbofine EXTRA® fulfils two important criteria:

  • Optimization of treatment with chemical insecticides/acaricides.
  • Helps to limit the development of resistance to treatment due to its innovative mode of action.

Arbofine EXTRA® is particularly suitable in integrated program Management against pests.

CAUTION: Arbofine EXTRA® is for winter treatment only and should not be used for summer treatment.




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