Logistics - Truck / Tanker Fleet

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Outbound Logistics

TOIPL does not own any fleet of trucks & tankers and they are outsourced. TOIPL delivers product to customer at their factory premises or customer’s warehouse or godown. For all contracted customer segments such as BOOM and Auto LPG stations, product is delivered at their premises.

One of the core activities of TOIPL LPG division logistics is monitoring of inventory at BOOM and ALDS customers and replenishes as and when the customer’s stock level reaches minimum re-order level without much intervention from customer side.

TOIPL has got various capacities of bulk LPG tankers and cylinder carrying trucks. TOIPL is delivering product using 7.5MT, 12MT and 18MT bulk LPG tankers depending upon customer storage tank, location & their consumption pattern. Similarly, TOIPL is delivering filled cylinders to distributors using 4T, 6T and 9T capacity trucks.

Transportation Safety

As a policy, TOIPL engages trucks of less than 10 years of age.  Before the induction of trucks for TOIPL operation, vetting/inspection of trucks are being carried out to check roadworthiness of vehicle and 100% compliance to statutory requirements. TOIPL inducts vehicles only if they meet TOIPL’s criteria.

All the TOIPL’s bulk LPG tankers and cylinder carrying trucks are fitted with GPS/GPRS based vehicle tracking system to track vehicles from point of dispatch to destination and back.  In TOIPL’s bulk LPG tankers, there is also facility available to capture unloaded quantity details using keypad provided along with GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking system.

TOIPL’s truck/ tanker drivers are trained in defensive driving training (DDT) to ensure they deliver the product to customers in safe manner.  The drivers are trained mandatorily in defensive driving training (DDT) every 6 months, so that they are constantly reminded that they are transporting hazardous goods.  Yearly medical checkups for drivers are carried out by TOIPL and only medically fit drivers are allowed to drive truck / tankers.

It is mandatory for all the contracted trucks to follow TOIPL’s transportation safety policy.

  1. The maximum driving hours is limited to 10 hours in any 24 hour period;
  2. Mandatory rest period of 20 minutes after every 2 hours of driving OR 30 minutes of rest period after every 3 hours of driving OR 45 minutes of rest period after every 4 hours.  In any case, driver is not allowed to drive beyond 4 hours continuously;
  3. TOIPL prohibits night driving from 11PM to 5AM;
  4. Speed limit not more than 50 Kmph;