Bulk LPG

Bulk LPG Installation

Totalgaz is pure and a clean energy source which provides even and controllable heat. This makes it the ideal fuel for a wide range of industrial uses. Since Totalgaz is almost free from sulphur, it can be used in sensitive applications.

In a rapidly warming world, industries using Totalgaz can be justifiably proud of their contribution to the environmental cause, as the carbon footprint is the least.

A number of industrial users, including such marquee names like Toyota, JSW, Caterpillar, Samsung etc., count on Total as their trusted partners for LPG supplies. Total takes up the LPG installation on Build-Own-Maintain basis and the fuel management thus providing complete peace of mind to its partners.

BOOM – Concept

  1. Extensive domain knowledge on LPG applications
  2. In-House designing & execution expertise
  3. Custom built bulk Installations for varied industrial applications
  4. Complete investment by TOTAL
  5. Complete fuel management through effective Logistics.

The Tank sizes for the installation vary from 5 MT to 100 MT. An installation consists of single tank / multiple tanks based on customer's consumption. Totalgaz takes pride in stating that it has the largest base of exclusive BOOM Installations spread across South India for a variety of industrial applications.

Business Model

  • 10 year exclusive supply contract
  • LPG storage and distribution system, set-up and maintained by TLPG
  • Transparent CP based pricing mechanism
  • Supply security in 'short' market
  • High quality field LPG condensed from natural gas & is considered to be far superior to refinery processed LPG to suit specialized applications.