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Lubricant Solutions for Automotive & Auto Comp Manufacturing

Lubricants for automotive manufacturing

Productivity and high-performance for all your equipment

The automotive industry is looking for ways to increase productivity and introduce technological improvements and innovations while reducing the impact it has on the environment. In this ever-changing situation, TOTAL Lubricants is a reliable partner for manufacturers.

TOTAL Lubricants:

  • Precisely defines your requirements by carrying out a detailed study of the application and approving a set of specifications
  • Recommends suitable high-technology lubricants
  • Closely monitors the test programme
  • Delivers a supply/transportation service that includes worldwide coverage
  • Offers lubrication services to increase the availability of your production facilities and reduce your maintenance costs
  • Provides you with on-going assistance in the search for technical and economic improvements

Our lubricants and special products for automotive manufacturing

Oils for Hydraulic Systems

ACANTIS HM: anti-wear type hydraulic oil suitable for all hydraulic systems (machine tool hydraulic system, plain and roller bearing circulation bath, gear boxes and chain drive lubrication systems.

AZOLLA ZS: hydraulic systems operating in high temperature and pressure conditions. Bearings and miscellaneous devices.

AZOLLA AF: hydraulic systems that are particularly sensitive to the formation of deposits and/or that operate in high temperature and pressure conditions. Bearings and miscellaneous devices.

EQUIVIS ZS: hydraulic systems operating in highway equipments, earth moving equipments like backhoe loaders, excavators etc.

Oils for Industrial Gear systems

CARTER EP: Industrial gears, bearings under high loads and high temperatures.

CARTER XEP: Gears under high loads, high temperatures and difficult environments, protection from micro pitting.

CARTER SH: Gears subjected to very high loads and high temperatures in difficult environments.

Oils for compressors and vacuum pumps, pneumatic equipment, insulating oils.

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