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Total and Badminton World Federation have been in a landmark partnership since 2015. Total will continue as the Title Sponsor and Official Energy Partner for all the BWF major events (TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup, TOTAL BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, TOTAL BWF World Championships) till 2021.


The constant support and enthusiasm of Total has assisted BWF in making badminton popular across the globe. BWF is deeply encouraged by Total’s commitment to helping them realize their vision as the international federation for badminton.


Total is successfully expanding its branding activities owing to the common characteristics between its key products such as TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants and badminton- powerful performance, technologically advanced precision and endurance.

In one of our activations, we transformed our iconic Robot Quartz into an energetic manga-inspired badminton player to showcase an epic performance powered by endurance.

It is significant that one of the major players in the global energy industry will now be partnering with badminton – the fastest racket sport which also requires incredible stamina,” Poul-Erik Høyer, BWF president.

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