Lubricants for Mining Equipment

Total Oil India supplies lubricants for every type of mining equipment.. Total’s expertise on lubricants has enabled some of the leading mining companies to reduce their operating costs.

We supply lubricants even in the most remote places of India

With a large network of strategically positioned warehouses, Total Oil India can cater to the lubricant requirements of mining sites in the remotest of locations.

Our Lubricants and Mining Experts help you reduce your costs

Because reducing costs is critical to mining companies in India and elsewhere, Total has developed long life lubricants that ensure complete protection of the mining equipment. This allows mining companies to extend the life of their equipment, to decrease their oil consumption and to reduce logistical costs.

Our oil and mining experts will work with you to select the best products from our wide range of world-class lubricants.

Contact Total Oil India to find out more about how we help mining companies reduce their costs.

Or follow the link to find out more about Total Mining Solutions.


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