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Lubricants for the iron and steel industry

Greases for agglomeration, continuous casting, cold rolling, hot rolling

CERAN range: High-technology greases containing complex calcium sulfonate, developed by TOTAL over many years. The manufacturing process involved in making these greases requires high levels of expertise in order to achieve the exceptional levels of performance provided by the CERAN range.

  • Exceptional anti-wear properties and resistance to heavy loads.
  • Exceptional resistance to water, facilitating operation in environments containing up to 40% water, without any degradation in grease performance
  • Excellent mechanical stability and high shearing resistance
  • Good performance at low temperatures
  • Very good resistance to oxidation and corrosion

Hydrodynamic lubrication oils for MORGOIL and MORGAN-type regulator bearings

CORTIS MS: Versatile anti-wear circulation oil, recommended in particular for use when there are risks of pollution by water. It meets the lubrication requirements for DANIELI and MORGOIL type bearings used in steel rolling mills.

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal stability
  • Longer lubricant service life, even when subjected to high temperatures.
  • Excellent demulsification properties approved by high and low temperature tests and confirmed by the UEC dynamic demulsification test.
  • Very good anti-wear properties.
  • Optimum protection of equipment against rust and corrosion at high temperatures.
  • Ashless additives which prevent the formation of deposits, ensuring that high levels of filterability can be maintained

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids

HYDRANSAFE range: Fluids specifically developed to limit the risks of a fire spreading in the event of a leak.

  • Excellent filterability and oxidation resistance performance
  • Factory Mutual approvals
  • Meet the specifications laid out in the ISO HFAE, HFAS, HFC, HFDU and HFDR standards
  • Biodegradable version: HYDRANSAFE HFDU offers the best possible levels of biodegradability (in accordance with the OECD 301B standard).

Insulating fluids for EDT (Electric Discharge Texturing) machines

DIEL 7500 IN: For die manufacturing process requiring super finish.

Oils for Industrial Gear systems

CARTER EP: Mineral oil based gear oils designed for all enclosed gear drives operating under medium to heavy loads.

CARTER SH: PAO synthetic gear oil for systems working under high loads and extreme temperature.

CARTER SY: PAG synthetic gear oil for worm gears under heavy load. Helps in energy saving compared to Mineral oil based gear oils.


FINAROL: Specifically developed for the iron and steel industry and the vehicle manufacturing sector. For protecting and mild forming of steel and electro-galvanised sheet metal.

Protection oils

OSYRIS: Oils for all types of metals, designed to protect components from the risks of corrosion during storage and transport. Can be applied using quench, spray and brush techniques and removed using solvents and detergents. We have a wide range of protection oils depending on the desired properties of the protective film.

  • Nature and thickness of the film: oily, waxy or solvent based.
  • Resistance over time: protection between operations with water-repellent effect or longer-lasting protection.

Roll Grinding

VULSOL MSF: Synthetic cutting fluid for ferrous and hard metals grinding.

Bespoke recommendations:

We advise you to contact us for recommendations that are perfectly suited to your operating conditions. For further information about our products, consult the product catalogue.

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