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Lubricants for automotive manufacturing

Special greases for automotive components and systems

  • Seats: N 3524, N 30943, N 31295, CERAN LT
  • Steering system: N 3924, N 3942, MARSON WR2
  • Door modules (locks, hinges and sliding window systems): VITRELF 31, N3924, MULTIS EP2, F9702
  • Windscreen wiper systems: SPECIALE 420, SEF 4632, STATERMA SP2
  • Starter (motors): STATERMELF EP2, F9702 Electrical starting systems: STATERMA SP2, BIOMULTIS SEP2, MARSON SY2, F9702
  • Bodywork accessories: N 4128Transmission systems: N 3945, N 30730, N 30645, GPMT 89, RLT LC, S 509
  • Miscellaneous: MARSON SY2, ALTIS SH2, CERAN LT

Industrial greases

  • Multifunctional
  • Extreme environments
  • Biodegradable
  • Fluorinated

The technologies we use for industrial greases are:

  • Soaps: lithium/calcium, complex lithium, complex aluminium, complex calcium sulphonate
  • Non-organic thickening agents: graphite, silica/alumina
  • Organic thickening agents: polyurea, Teflon

Special products

  • Coolants
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Solvents and detergents
  • White oils
  • Process oils

Lubrication of machine tools

DROSERA: Multi-purpose range for all machine tool parts depending on the viscosity of the lubricant: hydraulic, sliding systems, gears, spindle movements, feed and gear boxes.

Stamping oils

MARTOL LVG: for non-ferrous metals

MARTOL EV: for all metals

MARTOL 104 IN, 708 IN, 9107 IN: forming fluids, high performance wire drawing oil & heavy duty stamping oil

Oils for blank washing and stamping

FINAROL B5746: Protection and mild forming of electro-galvanised sheet steel.

Bespoke recommendations

We advise you to contact us for recommendations that are perfectly suited to your operating conditions. For further information about our products, consult the product catalogue.

Download our brochures

  • Metal working fluids
  • Special greases
  • Organic coolant
  • High-temperature long-life greases


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