Special Fluids

Special Fluids

High-quality technical fluids meeting the most exacting standards, beyond regulatory requirements, for a sustainable world.

To give you full satisfaction, the world over, Total Special Fluids strives for excellence, to be at the cutting edge of progress, in interaction with you.

Offering you quality products

Total Special Fluids undertakes to manufacture and sell quality products. Our hydrocarbon fluids are efficient in the building and automotive industries, in the production of ink, paint, silicon sealants and cosmetics, in water treatment, crop protection, drilling fluids and many other applications.

Constantly innovating for your applications

At Total Special Fluids, we view your future as a professional: we continuously enhance our products and services to provide you with optimal support.

Anticipating your needs

Total Special Fluids meets your current requirements and anticipates your future needs by being available and attentive to you. We find the right solutions, for a lasting relationship, adopting a responsive and proactive approach.

Taking action with you for sustainable development

Total Special Fluids is committed to keeping up-to-date with regulations on health, safety and the environment.

At Total Special Fluids, we are highly proactive in these areas and constantly develop increasingly responsible products.

Viewing the future with ambition, worldwide

At Total Special Fluids, we make every effort to consolidate our leading position in Europe and to become a major global player, setting up our production units as close to you as possible, to help develop your markets.


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