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STYRELF range of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) is the result of the collaboration set up 30 years ago between Total and the French "Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées" (French Roads Administration Laboratory). Since then it has been continuously developed to meet today's changing requirements (processes, products, applications...).

STYRELF is produced by cross-linking of SBS elastomers within bitumen and its performance has made it the ideal binder for heavy-duty roads (intense traffic, harsh climatic conditions, etc.). Over the years, with the more than 10 millions metric tons sold, it has become world-renowned and has proved to be particularly good when used in difficult and diverse circumstances. India's climatic conditions from intense heat to heavy monsoons are well within this product's capabilities.

The rheological properties of this bitumen are transformed by the addition of elastomers during the process of manufacturing. STYRELF is suitable for hot mixes and surface dressing applications, particularly in the case of demanding climatic and/or traffic conditions.

All products are available in bulk.