Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Truck and Bus Engine Oil

Discover our complete range of Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil, these oils in the Total range helps the engine to be lubricated. The outcome is longer performance for the engine and less visits to the workshop.

Our ranges of engine oil for commercial vehicles provide excellent soot dispersion, viscosity stability in operation and high detergency property.

  • Total RUBIA 7800 TT Engine Oil

    RUBIA 7800TT

    TOTAL RUBIA 7800 TT is a high performance premium multi-grade diesel engine oil specially formulated for use in EGR

  • Total RUBIA Fleet HD 500 Engine Oil

    Total Rubia Fleet HD 500

    Rubia Fleet HD 500 SAE 15W-40 with its XTRA BOOSTER FORMULA is an advance technology diesel engine oil

  • ELF Performance 3D 15W40 Engine Oil

    ELF PERFORMANCE 3d – 15W40

    Performance 3D SAE 15W-40 is an advance SOOT DISPERSANT technology diesel engine oil developed for latest generation

  • Total RUBIA MINI PLUS 15W40 Engine Oil

    RUBIA Mini Plus 15W40

    RUBIA MINI PLUS 15W-40 is a Technologically advance premium multi-grade diesel engine oil, tailor made to suit the specific requirement of mini cargo..

  • Total Rubia Fleet HD 700

    Total RUBIA Fleet HD 700

    Rubia Fleet HD 700 SAE 15W-40 with its XTRA BOOSTER FORMULA is a advance technology Diesel

  • Total RUBIA FLEET HD 300 15W40 Engine Oil

    TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 300 – 15W40

    TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 300 with its XTRA BOOSTER FORMULA is a premium multi-grade

  • ELF Super HDB Turbo 15W40 Engine Oil

    ELF Super HDB Turbo

    Super HDB Turbo is an advance technology SAE 15W-40, API CH-4 Diesel Engine Oil developed out of international technology



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