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Rubia 2500 20W40 Engine Oil

Total RUBIA 2500 20W40 Engine Oil

Works harder. last longer.

Rubia 2500 20W40 is a high performance premium multi-grade diesel engine oil all for naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. Rubia 2500 has an unique anti-thickening formula which facilitates good dispersing. This keeps the carbon molecules in suspension and thereby prevents the oil from thickening. This prolongs the life of the oil and thus your oil gives you the same superior performance for long.


  • Extended oil strain intervals.
  • Superior engine protection.
  • Better fuel mileage.
  • All season engine oil.

Recommended for all vehicles of TATA, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Bajaj Tempo, Eicher, Swaraj Mazda and for all Tractors of Escorts, TAFE, Mahindra, HMT, ITL, Punjab tractors etc.
Also recommended for all makes of European , American & Japanese vehicles.


API CF/SF, MIL-L-2104D, MACK T-8A, IS 13656 EDL 3 specifications.


  • 210L, 50L 20L, 10L, 7.5L, 5L, 1L

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