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Total QUARTZ SMC 5W30 Engine Oil

Total QUARTZ SMC 5W30 Car Engine Oil

Total QUARTZ SMC 5W-30 is a technologically advanced car engine oil developed out of extensive R&D on modern generation petrol engines. It is formulated with exclusive TWIN RESPONSE FORMULA which results in fuel economy as well as more power… Together.
It is a genuine oil for Maruti Suzuki petrol vehicles, specially designed for K Series engines. Also recommended for the same superior performance in all modern generation petrol cars requiring 5W-30 grade engine oil.


  • Reduces drag to give the same output with lesser fuel – Fuel Economy
  • Minimizes friction at engine start and at higher RPM to give more power


  • API SL. Also meets the requirements of Euro IV and Bharat Stage IV compliant engines.


0.5 Litre 3 Litre 3.5 Litre 20 Litre 210 Litre

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