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Total HBF3 Brake Fluid

Total HBF3 Brake Fluid

TOTAL HBF 3 is a technologically advanced brake fluid formulated to meet the requirements of typical Indian traffic conditions. Its ENHANCED EQUILIBRIUM REFLUX BOILING POINT (ERBP) guarantees excellent braking efficiency in time. Every time.


  • Excellent compatibility with rubber seals to minimize leakage.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation leading to longer life of brake fluid.
  • Superior anti- corrosion properties preventing corrosion of metal surfaces in the braking system.

Recommended for all hydraulic brake and clutch systems in 2/3 wheelers, passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, etc.


  • US FMVSS 116+, DOT 3, SAE J 1703 and IS 8654:2001


0.5L, 0.25 L, 0.1L

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