20W40 | Total HI PERF 4T SUPER | Motorcycle Engine Oil

HI PERF 4T SUPER SAE 20W40 1L Engine Oil

HI-PERF 4T Super 20W40 Engine Oil

TOTAL Hi-Perf 4T SUPER is a high quality 4-Stroke motorcycle engine oil designed to give uniform protection. It is specially formulated with ADVANCED ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY which helps maintain uniform viscosity over the entire life of the oil. This leads to reliable performance of engine even under different operating conditions.


  • Protection of piston and cylinder even at high temperatures
  • Reduced wear of vital engine parts
  • Prevention of clutch slippage

Recommended for all 4-stroke 2 wheelers manufactured by Hero Moto Corp, Honda, Bajaj Auto, TVS, Yamaha, KTM, Mahindra-2 Wheelers, LML etc.

Meets requirements of API SG & JASO MA.


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