Commercial & Industrial Segment

I am using other fuels (LDO, Furnace Oil, Kerosene, Electricity etc).How do I convert from my existing fuel to LPG?

We at Totalgaz provide comprehensive solutions and guide you in your conversion from other fuels to LPG. Based on your request we will arrange a visit of the technical team to your unit to study your existing system and suggest the best possible solution.

Can I store LPG cylinders in my premises to take care of any unforeseen requirements?

As per the guidelines of Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), not more than 100 Kg of LPG in cylinders can be stored in any premises. Any storage of cylinders for more than 100Kg would require a valid LPG license from PESO. This stipulation is not applicable to cylinders in transit and which are connected to the cylinder manifold in the customer premises

I have some technical problems such as cylinder sweating, low pressure etc. Will Totalgaz sort out these issues for me?

Totalgaz has a dedicated technical team to address the technical issues faced by the customers in terms of LPG usage, cylinder manifold and any other issues faced by the customer. Based on your request, we would arrange for a visit of the technical team to study and offer suitable solutions for the issues faced by you.

How do I locate the Totalgaz distributor nearest to my location?

Kindly contact the branch offices in the address provided in the website or send us a mail through “Contact us” and our Customer Service Executives will contact you with the information requested by you.

How is the supply of Totalgaz? Will be there be any shortage?

Totalgaz ensures uninterrupted supplies to its customers through its wide network of distributors which is ably supported by the presence of the own import terminal and a dedicated logistics team. You can be rest assured that with our superior infrastructure and operations team, we are assuring the reliability of our network for your requirements.


BOOM Segment

How should be the size of the bulk LPG for my industrial unit?

The configuration of the bulk LPG facility is based on your consumption, space availability and other factors such as proposed expansion etc. Our Technical Sales Team will be deciding on the same after evaluating all the parameters to offer the best possible configuration to meet all your requirements.

How long does it take for a bulk LPG facility to be erected and commissioned?

A bulk LPG facility can be designed, erected and commissioned within a period of 3-4 months subject to favorable site conditions, completion of civil works and procurement of local NOC. We at Totalgaz are fully equipped with our installation team and experience gained over the years in providing you with a LPG facility within the time limit specified at the time of signing the contract.

How safe are Bulk LPG facilities?

Totalgaz Bulk LPG facilities adhere to all the requirements stipulated by the statutory bodies and conform to the stringent world-class safety standards of TOTAL. The facilities are periodically maintained by our dedicated technical team and all the safety parameters are monitored assiduously. Therefore Totalgaz customers are assured of their bulk LPG facility meeting all the safety requirements and the best of safety standards.

How are the supplies for bulk LPG facilities coordinated?

The dedicated logistics team of Totalgaz continuously monitors the consumption and storage level of all its customers on a daily basis to plan for their requirement well in advance. Backed with the massive infrastructure of the LPG import terminal and the fleet of tankers, all the customers are assured of uninterrupted and prompt supplies always.

How does Totalgaz assures the quality of the LPG supplied?

Totalgaz conforms to BIS 4576 and meets the highest standards stipulated by the statutory bodes. The LPG supplied by Totalgaz is imported through the own import terminal in Mangalore and transported through a dedicated fleet ensuring good and consistent quality. Totalgaz has an in-house laboratory for testing and assuring the LPG supplied, conforms to the stringent quality parameters of the company. Totalgaz also provides test certificate for the LPG supplied to its customers as a part of its quality assurance routine.


Quantaz Segment

How is the performance of Quantaz cylinders compared to the conventional LPG cylinders?

Quantaz system offers superior performance to that of the conventional LPG cylinders as it operates on LOT principle. Liquid LPG is drawn out, vaporized through an electrical vaporizer and supplied to the end user applications. The LPG requirements of the applications are fully met with consistent pressure and LPG flow thereby increasing productivity and savings.

How convenient are the operational procedures of a Quantaz installation?

In addition to being a compact storage facility, Quantaz facility operates similar to a plug and play facility offering ease of use with simple operating procedures. Sufficient training is imparted to the maintenance personnel of the customers by Totalgaz to operate this user-friendly LPG facility. The fast expanding clientele list bears testimony to the convenience and advantages of a Quantaz facility.

How long does it take for a Quantaz installation to be completed?

The installation of a Quantaz facility takes just a couple of days provided the Quantaz site is ready as per the specifications provided by Totalgaz.

Who takes of maintenance of the Quantaz facility?

The dedicated technical services team of Totalgaz provides periodic and need-based maintenance to the Quantaz facility on a continuous basis thereby ensuring a fail-proof facility meeting all the requirements of the customers.

Can the Quantaz facility take care of any increase in my consumption?

The Quantaz facility is designed with sufficient redundancy to cater to any sudden surge in demand. Any significant increase in consumption can be comfortably met with the Quantaz system which will be modified and augmented to meet the increased consumption subject to space availability.


For any additional information, please send a mail through “Contact us” or call us at our toll-free number 1800 102 3339 during business hours and we will be glad to assist you on your queries