Lube Consult

lube consult

Manufacturer’s recommendations

This secure-access site developed from powerful databases allows you to:

  • Benefit from the best lubricants’ recommendation for each type of truck. TOTAL adjusts the manufacturers’ data to the specific features of each country.
  • For a Truck Dealer, to consult the recommended lubricants’ sheet for a given model.
  • For a Road Haulier to consult a customer plan: these are recommendations designed for specific trucks and customized for your needs (operating conditions, fuel savings, reduction in pollutant emissions…).
  • Data sheets and the safety data sheets can be consulted for the recommended lubricants.

Simplifying your management of the recommended lubricants

The regularly updated powerful databases provide you with the best advice, enabling you to use:

  • The lubricants precisely adapted to your equipment, based on the specific features of your activity.
  • A minimum number of products, since some references can cover several requirements.



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