Advice for Motorcycles

Drain motorcycle :

Regular replacement of fluids and lubricants for your engine is the key to longevity. The drain is the most common and also the most simple operation.

  • 3 major types of oils:
    • mineral
    • semisynthetic
    • synthetic (the latter for the most powerful engines.)

Synthetic oils contain a mixture of fluids and additives suitable for the most severe conditions and perform their duties under very high temperatures and pressures, where conventional mineral oils lose their effectiveness. Thus, synthetic oils are capable of performing well in a broader spectrum of use. Generally, oil is more powerful, plus it contains additives (anti-wear, anti-oxidants, detergents ...).

Maintenance Tires :

  • Too little or too much pressure is difficult to detect with the naked eye. The verification must be normally every two weeks. But every time you take your bike, see if your tires are not cut by a blunt object, or if there is no cracks on the sides.

Minimum checks before using the bike

  • For obvious security reasons, it is best to ensure that all the vital organs of your bike in good working order before hitting the road. These are simple things that every biker should integrate. Before starting, it is prudent to quickly look at the vital organs of your motorbike tires, brakes, engine, transmission.



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