Advice of Cars

Check the oil level

To check the oil level, the vehicle must be on level ground, engine off and cold.

  • Remove the dipstick.
  • Clean it with a cloth. Replace it and wait a few seconds before removing it again.
  • Check the oil level according to the "MIN" and "MAX".
  • Add oil if the level is below the "MAX".
  • Pour the oil little by little.
  • Check the level again and repeat until the level reaches the marking "MAX" but does not exceed it.
  • Replace the dipstick.
  • Check your oil every 2000 km or before a long journey.

Draining of Oil :

The lubricant used should always be collected in an airtight container. Each drain, particularly in the case of a diesel engine, it is advisable to change the oil filter or at most once a year. Wait until the last drop and make sure the pan is empty.

  • Install a new gasket on the drain plug.
  • Replace and tighten sharply. But be careful! Not too much, not to damage the thread or housing. Not too little, not cause leaks.
  • Slowly fill with new oil. Do not exceed the maximum level.
  • After letting the engine run a few minutes, turn off the ignition.
  • Double check the level and proceed to a final contribution of oil, if necessary.
  • Do not dispose of used oil, but wear your airtight container for disposal.



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