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Age resistant

TOTAL QUARTZ with ART is super resistant to ageing.
You can now drive for long distances and feel confident with your engine’s endurance because TOTAL QUARTZ with ART guarantees ultimate engine protection.

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Heat resistant

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TOTAL QUARTZ with ART is super resistant to strong heat.
Meaning that even in the middle of the desert, or under the blazing sun by the beach, your engine stays perfectly protected in optimal working condition.
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Cold resistant

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TOTAL QUARTZ with ART is super resistant to extreme cold.
Thanks to TOTAL QUARTZ with Age Resistance Technology, you can feel at ease with your car’s engine performance, even during harsh winters.
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What is Age Resistant Technology?

For TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil, our engineers have formulated Age Resistance Technology, also known as ART.

It’s a breakthrough innovation: the interaction between oil molecules is increased, creating a super resistant molecular structure. This helps to prevent the lubricant protective film from breaking, whatever the conditions: extreme temperature and pressure, friction and sludge accumulation.
TOTAL QUARTZ with ART protects all your engine parts to ensure optimal working condition.

The benefits of TOTAL QUARTZ with ART

Formulated to extend the lifespan of your car’s engine performance, TOTAL QUARTZ with ART guarantees optimal engine protection.

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Protection against
sludge build-up
improved by
Protection against
mechanical wear
improved by
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*In average compared to official industry test limits
Now you can save on maintenance and preserve your engine’s power. Choosing TOTAL QUARTZ with ART is choosing performance and protection, that last longer.
More details available by request.

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